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See a dentist's office specially designed to provide a fun and relaxing environment for kids

Our Goal

Above all, to see a radiant smile illuminate your child’s face- that is our mission!

A Fun, Relaxing Environment

In addition to a specially trained staff, our office itself is entirely designed to entertain kids and help them relax and keep their minds off the medical aspects of their visit: 

Interactive Aquarium - Aquarium - Dentist Enfant

Visit Our Interactive Aquarium!

We know, kids (and sometimes adults!) can be afraid of the dentist. That's why we've taken every effort to distract from the medical aspect of dental visits and to create Creating Happy Memories & Experiences.

That’s why we have 2 interactive aquariums! One turns our hallway into a floating fun zone, and the other projected into the waiting room for your entertainment! In this second, your children can scan the fish that they color and add them to the aquarium! Then, while in the dentist's chair, they can continue to watch their fish swim on the television.

Customized Treatments

What matters most to use is that your children have great, healthy teeth.

That’s why we offer an entire range of customized treatments that have been specially adapted for children.


To provide your children with the very best, Dr. Agachi has undergone an extensive list of training programs: managing children’s fear of the dentist, specialized techniques ranging from medical hypnosis to light anesthesia for kids [such as nitrous oxide (laughing gas) and osteocentral anesthesia], and specialized treatments ranging from the natural and conservative to laser treatments. She is also a strong practitioner of interceptive orthodontics, which focuses on education and behavior before reaching the age when orthodontic treatments can become necessary. And in addition, she also performs laser frenectomies.

Biannual checkups and dental cleanings set children up to receive proper dental care and treatments adapted to their specific needs.

What matters to us is that your child keeps their smile throughout their entire visit to our pediatric office!

Positivity is our secret weapon! Medical hypnosis is very effective for making dental visits a pleasant and positive experience for kids.

We use osteocentral anesthesia, which is less invasive for children because it does not numb the mucosae: your child therefore does not lose feeling in their lips, cheeks, or tongue, there is no risk of accidentally biting oneself.

Nitrous oxide is a gaseous mixture that’s administered through a respirator in order to help relax your child. It increases physical and psychological comfort through relaxation, without putting your child to sleep.

Modern dentistry is actually in the process of progressing to more natural forms of treatment that, for example, take advantage of teeth and gum’s natural abilities to heal.

Lasers can now be used to treat sensitive teeth, cavities, and soft tissues. And because they also act as biostimulators, lasers also promote accelerated healing!

Certain habits, such as thumb sucking and mouth breathing, can be detrimental to your child’s jaw development and teeth alignment. We therefore emphasize interceptive orthodontics, which is a preventative measure that involves functional and behavior educational for children from 3–4 years of age.

Sometimes the lingual and labial frenulum can be too constrained, which can make breastfeeding very difficult or lead to functional and aesthetic problems in adolescents. During a frenectomy, Dr. Agachi uses a laser to create an incision in the frenulum. And thanks to modern lasers, frenectomies are now trauma-free: there is no blood, nor pain, and the treated region heals very rapidly.

Mountain biking, horseback riding, rollerblading, sports, and martial arts all involve situations where even light contact, in the wrong place, can cause significant damage to the teeth. Besides the pain, hassle, and aesthetic issues, treatment can be both expensive and uncomfortable. It’s therefore better to take preemptive measures and use a custom mouthguard.

Premature loss of a baby tooth can make it difficult for your little one to eat and talk, but it can also interfere with developing tooth alignment. Dr. Agachi offers customized dental space maintainers that serve as temporary measures to maintain the spacing left behind by the lost tooth.