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The office is closed between July 26 and August 23 included. Until we see you again in the fall, we wish you a wonderful sunny vacation!

The office is closed for the end of year vacations between December 18th and January 6th included.

We Employ Latest and Most Advanced Technology

to provide your kids the very best that pediatric odontology has to offer
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Effective treatment requires establishing confidence. That’s why my team and I use the latest and most advanced instruments and technology, and take the time to explain all the possibilities that modern dentistry has to offer. treatments adapted specifically for pediatric dentistry.

Dr. Adriana Agachi, Pediatric Oral Surgeon

Take A Tour Of Our Equipment and Technology

Virtual reality serving to relax your children during their visit...

Office Technology - Vortual Reality - Child Dentistry
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You'll never catch Doctor Agachi without her surgical loupes...

Our Reduced Emission X-Ray Machine

Our X-ray machines are specifically designed to have reduced emissions and to serve the unique needs of pediatric dental imaging.

Modern technology and digitalization are combined to provide an imaging system that employs 70% less radiation (i.e. very weak!).


Our Sterilization Process

To assure that our instruments our sterile, 

we adhere to a strict sterilization procedure:

  1. PRE-DISINFECTION: instruments are soaked in disinfectant solution as detailed by CE/NF standards.
  2. THERMO/DISINFECTANT STERILIZATION: our instruments are sterilized using a thermodisinfector. 
  3. WRAPPING: our instruments are wrapped in a single-use, sealed package.
  4. PRESSURIZED VAPOR STERILIZATION: sealed instruments are placed in our autoclave. 
  5. LABELING: each packaged instrument is given a label contains and allows tracking of all the information relevant to its effective cycle.
  6. USE: sterilized instruments are then employed for a single, unique treatment.