Dental Cleanings

Our recommendations for caring for your child's teeth
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Key Points

Schedule Dental Cleanings For Your Child Every 6 Months

These visits provide a deep cleaning of the teeth that reduces the risk of cavities.

Using modern technology and equipment specially designed for children, we remove plaque and tartar without any pain or discomfort.

Tartar: What is it? - Scaling every 6 months - Children's Dentist

What is tartar?

In the absence of good brushing and flossing, plaque builds up on the teeth and hardens to form tartar.

Plaque itself is a mixture consisting of bacteria, minerals, and food reminants that can cause irritation and (with time) inflammation of the gums. Plaque quickly hardens to form tartar deposits that can no longer be removed with brushing or flossing.

This can lead to inflammation (gingivitis) and, in the absence of medical attention, periodontal disease.

How is tartar removed?

It's impossible to remove tarter with a tooth brush (yes, even if we brush really hard!). The only way to get rid of it is to have a dentist perform a dental cleaning.

At our office, dental cleanings are performed using ultrasound, which replaces traditional instruments that rely on mechanical scraping. Our magic wand alternatively produces ultrasonic vibrations at a frequency that dislodges the bacteria cellular membranes that cause tartar to adhere to the surface of teeth. Our dental cleanings are therefore painless!

Meet Our Dental Cleaning Tools

Ultrasound - Norte Equipment - Children's Dentist


This is our magic wand, which emits ultrasonic frequencies that remove tartar from teeth.

Prophy Jet - Norte Equipment - Child dentist

Prophy Jet

We use the Prophy Jet to polishes tooth enamel and eliminate discolorations.