Pour qui est l’orthodontie interceptive?

Orthodontics for children 3 years or older 


Since 2002, the Haute Autorité de santé has recommended that children receive dental consultations from a practitioner before reaching 6 years of age.

However, only 9% of orthodontic treatments are begun before the age of 9.

Enfant souriant - Since 2002, the Haute Autorité de Santé (French health authority) recommends consulting a practitioner before 6 years old - Dentiste Enfant

If your child shows a disposition towards thumb sucking (or their pacifier), mouth breathing, placing their tongue between their teeth while swallowing, restless sleep, waking up sweating during the night, fatigue during the day, or difficulties at school- they could be suffering from conditions that can cause teeth misalignment and poor facial development.

Therefore, it's important to address these oral-facial conditions 
at the earliest age possible.

Does my child suffer from oral-facial conditions?

Together, we can catch tooth and jaw developmental issues in time!

Children frequently exhibit the following oral-facial conditions:

Is My Child Affected Infant Swallowing - Child Dentist

Infant Swallowing

Does your child put or push their tongue in between their teeth while swallowing?

My Child is - Mouth Breathing - Child Dentist

Mouth Breathing

Does your child have a strong disposition towards mouth breathing?

My Child is - Addiction to pacifier or ponce - Child Dentist

Thumb/Pacifier Dependency

Is your child older than 12 months and still continues to suck their thumb/pacifier?

Outside of children’s behavioral tendencies, environmental factors such as air pollution, diet, and in particular soft foods also contribute to conditions that hinder healthy facial development.

This not only carries consequences for their oral health and jaws, but can also affect the quality of their sleep and their overall general health.

My Child is - Restless Sleep and Fatigue - Dentist Enfant

Restless Sleep and Fatigue

Does your child have trouble sleeping and suffers from fatigue during the day?

My Child is - Mispronunciation - Dentist Enfant

Difficulties with Pronunciation

Does your child have difficulties pronouncing certain words or sounds?

My Child is - Chewing or biting difficulties - Child Dentist

Difficulties Chewing or Biting

Does your child have trouble chewing or biting into hard foods?

These functional issues can interfere with children’s teeth alignment and facial development.

Tooth Type - Overlapping Teeth - Child Dentist

Overlapping Teeth

Teeth (frequently canines and incisors) that develop overlaps

Tooth Type - Tooth gap - Child Dentist

Gapping Between Teeth

Upper incisors and canines that are significantly misaligned with the lower teeth

Tooth type - Jaw clearing - Child Dentist

Jaw Misalignment

A protrusion of the upper mandible that pushes the upper teeth forward

Tooth type - Reverse bite - Child Dentist

Reverse Bite

Lower incisors and canines that cover the upper teeth

Tooth type - Mandible Forward Investment - Child Dentist


A protrusion of the lower mandible that causes the lower teeth to cover the upper teeth

Tooth type - Overbite - Child Dentist


Upper incisors that completely cover the lower teeth