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We provide customized mouthguards to protect your child's teeth!
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Key Points

Mouthguard - When should I wear a mouthguard - Child Dentist

What activities/conditions necessitate a mouthguard?

What is a mouthguard?

Mouthguards are the ideal airbag for your child's teeth that allows them to enjoy an active and sportive life while guaranteeing them continued health, exercise, and fun.

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It's a custom made. tooth protection that are indispensable for shock absorbtion.

Just like elbow pads, knee pads, and helmets, which are necessary for many sports, mouthguards are just as important- however, the teeth are so easily forgotten! 

Whether your child is mountain biking, horseback riding, rollerblading, or playing contact sports, a tiny but unfortunately placed jolt can have serious consequences for the teeth. Besides the pain, hassle, and aesthetics, the dental remedy itself can be far from pleasant. Therefore, to avoid all that trouble, it’s better to simply wear the proper equipment.

The American Association of Pediatric Dentistry states that mouthguards should be worn by all children playing football, hockey, baseball, and basketball, as well as by children skating, skateboarding, biking, horseback riding, and skiing.

Customized mouthguards offer the most comfort as their form adapts perfectly to your child’s mouth, which also provides your child the best protection.

We take an imprint and send it to a specialized technician who then fabricates a customized mouthguard for your child.

Prefabricated mouthguards are a less expensive alternative, and can be bought in sporting good stores. However, American studies show that they are less effective at protecting the teeth. In addition, they are not tailored to fit your child’s mouth – therefore comfort is lost that would otherwise serve to encourage regular use.

This sacred guardian of the mouth covers all the teeth, protects the jaw, and can even be worn if your child has braces.