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Preparing For Your First Visit

What happens and how you can help your child succeed!
Dental Surgeon Team
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Together, we can take every step so that your child will associate happy experiences and positive memories with dentistry and dental care.

What happens during the first visit?

Take the focus off the exam

Be mindful of your vocabulary!

Fill out the medical questionnaire in advance

What happens during the first visit?

Oral and dental check-up


We always dedicate the very first dental visit to meeting your child: giving them a good impression of dentistry and familiarizing them with our office and staff. During this time, Dr. Agachi will perform a checkup that will entail:

Dr. Agachi will also evaluate whether dental cleanings, sealants, and/or fluoride treatmentare necessary, as well as diagnose and prescribe treatment for any oral health conditions.

oral check-up-

What matters most to us:

That your child leaves our dental office with a great big smile!

Your child can color and put to sea their own fish in one of our interactive virtual aquariums, filled with fish and marine creatures, in our waiting room for your child's amusement.

They can also watch their favorite cartoons and movies on TVs installed above our dental chairs!

Oral and dental check-up


There are 5 reasons that we strongly recommend NOT performing treatments during the first visit:

1. The first visit is dedicated to meeting your child and earning their trust. Earning your child's trust and cooperation is the first step to successful treatment! 

2. Having not had a prior opportunity to meet your child and perform any diagnosis, the necessary preparations cannot be made for treatment before your arrival.

3. Necessary preparations for managing pain and anxiety are not possible before having met your child and evaluated their specific needs.

4. In order for treatments to go as smoothly as possible, we dedicate between 30-60 minutes and two dental assistants to accompany your child. It's therefore impossible for us to squeeze treatments in between consultation blocks.

5. Children are usually better rested and more receptive in the morning:, that's why we reserve mornings exclusively for treatments.


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We want your child to feel confident when they visit our office.

That's why we take the time to talk to them, to introduce them around the office, and to teach them great oral hygiene. We explain our movements step by step as we go, ask for details regarding eating habits, and provide oral hygiene advice. And at the end, your child leaves with a parting gift!

When describing this visit to your child, mention that the doctor will:

Taking Focus Off The Exam

Take the focus off the treatment - Prepare for your child's treatment session - Children's Dentist

You can download a fish for your child to color in at home, which they can then put to sea in one of our interactive virtual aquariums during their visit! 

Be mindful of your vocabulary!

Helping your child associate happy experiences and positive memories with dentistry and dental care can start even before your visit: by being mindful of the vocabulary used to describe it!

If you yourself suffer from a bit of that ol’ fear of the dentist, there’s a chance that you can inadvertently condition this apprehension in your child. Expressing fear, or promising your child a present after their dental visit, can convey to your child that something disagreeable will happen. Instead, announce their dental visit more like you’re going out to see a movie, or visit an aquarium!

"The doctor is going to count your teeth!"

"The doctor is going to examine your teeth"

"It'll be over soon."

"I just don't know if there'll be enough time to watch an entire episode of your cartoon."

"Mommy will be right beside you."

"Don't worry, I'll wait right here while you watch your cartoons."

Speak to your children positively about your experiences at the dentist. And if that’s difficult to do, for the sake of their own oral health, it can sometimes better to avoid the subject.

Being mindful of vocabulary and conveying positivity goes a long way. In particular, avoid using the following words:

Suggest to your child to enter the treatment room all by themselves, and that you will stay in the waiting room to look after their fish.

Fill out the medical questionnaire in advance

To help us make your visit as smooth as possible, we ask you to please fill out your medical questionnaire in advance.

We're looking forward to seeing you soon! In the meantime, you can always contact us by phone at:
01 84 17 77 47