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Pediatric Dental Surgeon

Dr. Adriana Agachi practices pediatric dentistry
pediatric dentist


Dr. Adriana Agachi is a doctor of dental surgery, specially trained in pediatric odontology. This means that his 'main activity' is to be a dental surgeon for children.

Along with having earned a doctorate in oral surgery, Dr. Agachi has also undergone extensive training (both university and professional) in order to better treat children.

Within the framework of this dominant activity of pediatric dental surgeon, she trained in the anxiety management in children, as well as in soft anaesthesia techniques: laughing gas (MEOPA or Funny gas), osteo-central anaesthesia and medical hypnosis.

She can perform bio-preservative, non-invasive and laser treatments.

It is also scientific author and medical journalist  and has earned a degree in law pertaining to ondontostomatalogy.

The different aspects of her profession take her across the globe, and involve continuous scientific training and international collaborations.


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pediatric dentist

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