Baby bottle cavity: solutions and treatments

Baby bottle cavities: what solutions?

Baby bottle tooth decay is characterized by the early appearance of cavities in babies and young children. This is due to a large consumption of sweetened liquids, and often occurs when the child falls asleep with a bottle filled with something other than water or when eating at night. Good oral hygiene is essential from childhood, [...]

Caries: are breastfed babies more susceptible?

Preventing cavities in breastfed babies

The appearance of early caries in young children, called bottle syndrome or bottle decay, can also affect breastfed babies, although this is more rare. Breastfeeding is a completely different process than bottle feeding, in fact, in order for the milk to flow, the child has to make a sucking movement. [...]

All about baby bottle tooth decay

What is baby bottle tooth decay?

Baby bottle tooth decay, or early childhood caries, affects your baby's or young child's milk teeth at an early age. This baby bottle syndrome, which is not to be taken lightly and can have a significant impact on your child's teeth, is characterized by the appearance of cavities in the teeth.