What is the order of baby's teething?

Discovering the order of baby's teething

A child's teeth are formed in utero as early as the 6th week of pregnancy. But the teeth don't finally come out until several months after birth, when the baby is teething. During this time, the teeth move through the jawbone and gums. Find out the order of baby's teething in [...]

Baby's first tooth is crooked: what to do?

Smile of a baby whose first tooth has grown crooked

When babies are teething, their first tooth may grow in crooked. There are different ways to prevent crooked teeth in young children. Find out what causes a crooked first tooth, and what treatments are available. Is your baby's first tooth crooked?

Knowing the symptoms of teething

Visible symptom of baby's teething

Teething is a normal part of baby's development. For several months, baby teeth form inside the jawbone and gradually move out. The growing tooth then causes inflammation of the gums. Learn about the symptoms that accompany teething in your baby [...]

Permanent tooth growing behind a baby tooth

Child's mouth with growing tooth behind baby tooth

Baby's teething is a special event. Sometimes difficulties and abnormalities accompany teething. If your child has a permanent tooth that grows behind a baby tooth, it is likely that you have questions, as this phenomenon is not harmless. It is indeed possible that a permanent tooth grows behind a baby tooth.

Tooth growing in the palate: what is it?

Child in consultation with the dentist for a tooth that grows in the palate

Important events occur during your child's growth. This is the case with baby's teething. Usually the eruption of teeth is easily relieved by a few tricks, but sometimes complications occur. A tooth that grows in the palate is the result of a dental malposition or even hyperdontia. In [...]