Shock on a baby tooth: what to do?

If a baby tooth is impacted, call your dentist.

One out of two children suffers an oral trauma before the age of 12. These shocks affect the integrity of the tooth and the surrounding tissues. The consequences of a dental trauma can appear immediately or a few weeks or even months after the shock. This is why it is advisable to consult a dentist even if no lesion is visible.

Dental trauma in children: what to do?


A dental trauma in children corresponds to an injury on one or more teeth, gums, lips or jaw, caused by an impact. The incisors and upper canines are generally the most affected.

Identifying a dental emergency in children


Toothache, severe pain, fever, trauma, etc. Identifying the signs of a dental emergency in children allows you to react quickly. This article guides you in assessing the seriousness of the situation and adopting the right reflexes or gestures that will provide relief. Dental emergencies in children: the possibilities Dental emergencies in children generally include [...]