Pedodontic crowns

The pedodontic crown is a temporary restoration of a severely damaged tooth in children.

By choosing to adopt a minimally invasive conservative philosophy, we do everything possible to preserve diseased temporary teeth, in order to naturally maintain space for permanent teeth. To this end, Dr. Agachi may offer your child a pedodontic crown.

Crowns are made on the molars, but also on the front teeth, i.e. on the incisors and canines.

For front teeth, we offer aesthetic crowns. There are also so-called strip crowns. These are tiny, pre-shaped plastic plugs filled with a light-curing composite. We place them where the crown is desired, and once removed, the tooth is restored.


restoration of the tooth

very deep caries devitalized tooth enamel defects

stainless steel crown prefabricated white crown (more aesthetic)