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Dental care: permanent teeth

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The good health of your children's teeth is important to us, which is why we offer a full range of dental treatments. Our dental treatments are adapted to teenagers and young adults: bio-conservative, painless and non-invasive dentistry. Indeed, conventional dental care is evolving towards more biological approaches. These approaches use the natural healing capacities of the tooth's hard tissues.

- Dr. Adriana Agachi, Dental Surgeon

Dental care for cavities

If your child has a cavity in a permanent tooth, it must be treated, otherwise it will continue to grow and may contaminate the teeth next to it!

Depending on the depth and size of the cavity, Dr. Agachi will offer you an adapted and bio-preserving dental treatment.


It is used to restore the tooth during a deep cavity treatment on the permanent tooth.

Laser treatment of cavities

The laser replaces the "roulette wheel" during dental care.

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The mouth guard is the ideal airbag for the child's teeth, for an active and sporty life, guaranteeing joy and good mood.

It is a custom-made gutter that allows for shock absorption.