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How do you pull a loose baby tooth?

There are several ways to pull a tooth that is moving.

Most of the time, a baby tooth falls out on its own without the parent having to intervene. 

However, sometimes a tooth moves a lot without falling out. In this case, the parent can intervene to help. 

Before proceeding, it is important to know how to pull a baby tooth effectively and without pain for the child. 

Should I pull a loose baby tooth? 

Under no circumstances should you pull a baby tooth that is not moving enough. Attempting to pull a tooth that is still hanging on could cause pain, bleeding or even a gum infection.

If the child feels pain when moving the tooth, it is still necessary to wait. 

However, if the child is not in pain and the tooth is moving a lot, it can be pulled. 

To make sure the tooth is ready to be pulled, the parent can ask the child to move it with his tongue. If it moves easily, it's time to pull it out. 

Before intervening, it is important to know how to remove a baby tooth correctly and without causing pain. 

How to pull a baby tooth? 

The preparation 

The most important thing is not to traumatize the child. The child must agree and be calm. 

To best prepare him, the parent can reassure him by first telling him the story of the tooth fairy and mentioning the gift he will find under his pillow the next morning. 

After preparing the child, the adult should also prepare for the procedure by thoroughly washing his or her hands with warm water and soap for at least 30 seconds.

Next, it is important to prepare a piece of sterile gauze, cotton, or a tissue for further processing. 

The parent must be calm and relaxed, otherwise he or she may pass on the stress to the child. 

How to make the baby tooth fall out without hurting 

The first step is to hold the tooth firmly with the piece of sterile gauze. To pull the tooth, it is important that the gesture is precise and quick to avoid the child's anxiety or pain.

If all the above conditions are met, the tooth should give way quickly. 

If there is a small amount of bleeding, press the hole in the gum left by the tooth with the sterile gauze and apply pressure with your finger. The child should then bite the sterile gauze for about ten minutes. 

Another trick exists to help a baby tooth to fall out by biting into a green apple. A more natural or playful way, which has already proven itself. 

Do I need to see a pedodontist to pull a loose baby tooth? 

In rare cases, a baby tooth moves but does not fall out. In this case, it is advisable to consult a pedodontist. 

The dentist will take an x-ray of the teeth to see if a permanent tooth is growing or if the baby tooth is not growing, in which case the pedodontist may remove the tooth.

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