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The new dental anesthesia

Osteocentral anesthesia

We want children to have a pain-free experience in our dental chair. That's why proper dental anesthesia is important.


Children's dental practice with bone-centered anesthesia

Anesthesia-osteocentral or Magic Pen


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How does dental anesthesia work for children?

Dental anesthesia has changed a lot thanks to technological advances. Today, we can offer you osteo-central anesthesia, or the " magic wand "as we call it for children, which greatly increases the comfort and convenience of the completely eliminates the pain.

First, we apply a topical dental anesthesia which we let the child choose the taste, so that he or she does not really feel anything, not even the sting of the "magic pen".

Then, the anesthetic reacts only 30 seconds after the injection and treatment can begin immediately without pain.

Children are often not used to the sensation of numbness They may feel discomfort from the anesthesia and may find it strange. Being disconcerted by the unknown, they may express discomfort, but we assure you that they do not feel any pain. We then explain to them that their diseased tooth is simply sleeping, and when the numbness is gone, their tooth will be healed!

The osteo-central dental anesthesia allows for optimal numbing of the tooth. The device allows for intraosseous anesthesia, which spares the mucous membranes. The child is therefore less disturbed and, as her lips, cheeks and tongue are not asleepIt is not likely to bite them.

Looking like a pen, the device is not intimidating for children. It is very easy to handle, which allows for precise injection, and the speed is electronically controlled to ensure a smooth and accurate injection. painless act.