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Dental care under hypnosis

Medical hypnosis for children

Hypnosis is an effective tool in the management of children's behavior during dental care performed in the dental office of Dr. Adriana Agachi.



What are the benefits of dental care under hypnosis?

Medical Hypnosis

Medical hypnosis is an effective instrument in the behavior management of children during dental treatments. It allows a reduced perception of the pain and leaves positive memories of the appointment. Hypnosis works by focusing on the child's awareness of the non-threatening aspects of the experience while in an altered state of consciousness. In this way, the children's dentist performs dental care under hypnosis without anxiety or pain.

By recounting positive thoughts and diverting the mind from the treatment, the child enters the imaginary world and forget about dental care, while remaining receptive. Children feel pleasantly influenced by hypnosis, the creation of a happy experience.

We use positive concepts! For example, we discuss the procedure in age-appropriate language, tell stories, maintain continuous verbal contact. This helps to give the child a sense of security.

Finally, once the treatment is over, we continue to take care of the child by congratulating him and giving him a certificate of braveryThis reinforces his positive feelings. He associates a happy memory with the dental care performed at the dental office.


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