Broken milk teeth: what to do?

What to do with a broken baby tooth?

Milk teeth can be affected by cavities for a variety of reasons: a diet high in sugar, a child with MIH (hypomineralization of molars and incisors) or poor oral hygiene. When the diet is rich in sugar and the brushing of the teeth is irregular or poorly done, the dental plaque accumulates [...]

Broken milk tooth: what to do?

What to do with a broken baby tooth

There are twenty baby teeth that appear from birth until the age of 6. A baby tooth can break for different reasons. Indeed, a fall, a hard food or a cavity can fracture the tooth. In the case of a tooth fracture, it is important to know what to do.

Broken milk tooth: what can be repaired?

Broken milk tooth: possible repairs

When they are very small, children do not necessarily have the reflex to protect their face before falling forward. Whether jumping, running, riding a bike or playing sports, children can break a baby tooth when they fall. But a broken baby tooth can be the subject of a serious accident.

What to do if a baby tooth breaks on its own?

Why does a baby tooth break on its own?

A baby tooth that breaks on its own is the result of dental trauma, which may have been caused by several reasons. Dental shocks are frequent in young children, the upper incisors being the most frequently affected teeth because of their advanced position in the mouth. Let's find out the most common causes of dental trauma [...]