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Broken milk tooth: what can be repaired?

Broken milk tooth: possible repairs

When they are very small, children do not necessarily have the reflex to protect their face before falling forward. Whether jumping, running, riding a bike or playing sports, children can break a baby tooth when they fall. But a broken baby tooth can be repaired.

Diagnosis of a broken baby tooth

Before repairing a broken baby tooth, the dentist makes a diagnosis. With the help of an x-ray, he or she can verify that the pulp area of the tooth is not affected. If the fracture is too close to the pulp, the tooth must be devitalized.

Broken milk tooth: the different possible repairs

Whenever possible, the dentist will attempt to glue the broken tooth fragment(s) back together.

When this is not possible, a tooth-colored composite resin is used to restore the tooth.

Depending on the degree of the dental fracture, other treatments are used.

The dental pulp is affected

When the dental pulp is affected, the baby tooth tends to turn black. Once it is no longer alive, the tooth turns gray. In this case, when the fracture reaches the dental pulp, the tooth must be devitalized in order to be reconstituted with the above-mentioned composite.

The root of the tooth is affected

If the root of the baby tooth is affected, extraction of the baby tooth is considered. For a child, there is no need to replace the missing tooth with a bridge or an implant since the permanent tooth will eventually come out.

The practitioner uses a temporary pediatric baby tooth prosthesis to maintain a reasonable spacing between the teeth.

In the case of very slight incisor fractures, the pedodontist can use veneers to allow for the permanent reconstruction of the damaged teeth.

What is the treatment for a broken tooth?

The reconstruction of a tooth fragment with resin is an opposable act that is covered at 100 % by the Social Security and the mutual insurance company. The current rates are set by the Health Insurance (between 30 € and 60 €).

However, not all treatments administered on a broken baby tooth are necessarily reimbursed by Social Security. Reimbursement depends on the severity of the dental fracture.

Reporting an accident to the health insurance company is recommended to ensure that the dentist's treatment is covered and reimbursed.

For your information, the applicable fees for a root canal are as follows:

  • Devitalization of an incisor or a canine tooth of a child under 13 years old : 38,56 €,
  • Devitalization of a premolar of a child under 13 years old: 57,84 €,
  • Devitalization of a molar of a child under 13 years old: 93,99 €.

If your child breaks a baby tooth by misfortune, it is important to react quickly. Only a diagnosis made in a dental office can determine the severity of the tooth fracture and the care that needs to be taken.

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