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See a dentist for a tongue-tie that is too short


The dental surgeon is the health professional in charge of treating all abnormalities affecting the mouth, teeth, gums and jawbone.

It treats all problems affecting oral health, the aesthetics of the smile or causing discomfort in the daily life of patients (eating difficulties, poor pronunciation, etc.).

The tongue frenulum is a small piece of fibrous tissue that connects the underside of the tongue to the floor of the mouth.

If you have a problem, you should go to a dentist for an examination of your tongue or lip.

Tongue brake too short in children

In infants and young children, it is not uncommon for the tongue bridge to be too short.

This congenital anomaly is not dramatic, but it can cause difficulties for a newborn to feed properly:

  • Fatigue
  • Restless nights
  • Digestion problems 
  • Blisters on the lips
  • Etc.

For the mother, pain can be felt during breastfeeding.

Later, if the problem has not been addressed, the child may develop a dental or maxillomandibular malposition in response to tongue misplacement.

He or she may also experience difficulties with breathing, digestion or pronunciation.

Therefore, if you suspect that your child has a restrictive tongue-lock, it is essential to make an appointment with a practitioner as soon as possible.

It is during this examination that the dentist will point out to the patient, and usually to the parents, the presence of a tongue-tie that is too short. 

To correct this malformation, the dentist will perform a frenectomy. This is a benign operation that consists in cutting the tongue frenulum.

This procedure allows the mobility of the tongue and its positioning to be de-entrapped. Once the tongue brake is cut, the difficulties previously mentioned disappear rapidly. 

Where to perform a frenectomy in Paris?

As mentioned above, the frenectomy The majority of cases concern babies and young children. This is why it is recommended to call on a specialist to perform this procedure.

Going to the dentist can be scary enough for adults, so when it comes to children, it's even more important to make them feel confident.

In Dr. Adriana Agachi's office, everything is designed to welcome children and adolescents in a caring, fun and friendly environment.

Dr. Agachi is a pedodontist in Paris. Following her graduation as a dental surgeon, she attended university courses dedicated to pediatric oral care and non-invasive methods.

She specializes in stress management for children as well as gentle dental anesthesia methods such as hypnosis, osteo-central anesthesia and laughing gas.

If you are looking for a dentist to perform a frenectomy in Paris, contact Dr. Agachi's office. Whether it concerns the lingual or the labial frenulum, his method is identical and non-traumatic.

Using a soft tissue laser, she performs a frenectomy without causing pain or blood flow. With this technique, healing is accelerated.

For child-friendly oral health care or to perform a frenectomy in Paris, consider calling Dr. Agachi's office.

An appointment will be made as soon as possible so that the dentist can examine the tongue-tie and perform the operation if necessary.

Frequently asked questions about why you should see a dentist for a tongue-tie problem

What is the tongue brake?

The tongue frenulum is a piece of fibrous tissue that connects the underside of the tongue and the floor of the mouth. It plays an important role in the mobility of the tongue.

Who should I see if my child has a tongue-tie problem?

It is to the dentist, and more specifically to the pedodontist, that you must take your child to treat a tongue-tie problem. Find out when the pediatric dentist will perform a frenectomy.

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