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Frenectomy: pain and care after surgery


A frenectomy is a common operation that consists in cutting one of the brakes of the mouth, usually a labial brake or the lingual brake.

Sometimes called a freinectomy or frenotomy, this procedure is necessary for patients who have difficulties with a restrictive oral frenulum.

This congenital anomaly is usually detected very early in children or infants. A short lip or tongue frenulum does not necessarily cause problems. However, in some cases, especially in babies, a mouth brake that is too tight can cause difficulties when breastfeeding.

Other manifestations such as digestive or sleep disorders can also be the consequence.

After an oral examination, a dental surgeon may perform a frenectomy.

In this article, we discuss this procedure, the possible pain and complications that result from it, as well as the care to be taken afterwards.

Frenectomy: Is there any pain after the operation?

During the operation, the frenectomy is not supposed to cause the patient any pain. The practitioner cuts the brake only after giving a local anesthetic.

Most health professionals now prefer the laser technique. This method is known to promote healing and not cause bleeding. Laser frenectomy is not traumatic for the patient.

After a frenectomy, it is possible to experience pain in the cut frenulum for 1-2 days after surgery. In this case, mild painkillers can be administered.

This pain is normal and decreases throughout the healing phase.

In case of persistent pain or bleeding, consult your dentist urgently.

Lingual or labial frenectomy: complications

Following a lingual or labial frenectomy, complications are rare but not non-existent.

After having a lingual or labial frenectomy, the tongue or lip may swell slightly. This is not necessarily a sign of complications.

Apply cold to a clean cloth. Be careful not to apply it directly to the wound. The inflammation should disappear within 2 to 3 days.

In the case of a lingual frenectomy, small amounts of bleeding may occur as a result of certain abrupt movements or during rehabilitation exercises. This is not a sign of complications.

However, if the bleeding is abundant, if there is pain associated with it or if you notice the presence of the symptoms mentioned above, contact the doctor who performed the frenectomy quickly to check for complications.  

Care after a frenectomy

Within 24 to 48 hours after the operation, the wound becomes white. Between 10 and 15 days later, it will return to its normal color.

To ensure that it heals properly, there are a few things you should do after a frenectomy.

The care after a frenectomy also consists of some rehabilitation exercises. These allow the recovery of the mobility of the tongue or the lip following the operation.

For babies and young children who are not yet able to perform the exercises by themselves, massages can be performed to promote healing.

Consulting an osteopath or chiropractor before and after surgery is necessary to ensure better healing. If you are breastfeeding, it may be worthwhile to make an appointment with an IBLC lactation consultant who will be able to guide you and check your baby's breast position and nipple attachment.

If your child shows signs of a short lip or lingual frenulum, Dr. Adriana Agachi's office welcomes you for an oral exam.

Located in Paris, this dentist specializes in children's care and non-intrusive methods. If the procedure is required, she will perform a painless laser frenectomy.

To make an appointment for a frenectomy or to treat complications of a frenectomy, please contact the office.

Frequently asked questions about pain after a frenectomy

Is a frenectomy painful for the child?

No, because your child is given a local anesthetic before the frenectomy. However, for a day or two after the operation, he or she may experience some mild pain.

How long is the healing period after a frenectomy?

It is generally accepted that healing is complete on average 10-15 days after the operation.

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