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Laser dentist

The many benefits of laser for children

Air abrasion is a device used to treat incipient caries on the tooth surface.

It is a painless method, and therefore rarely requires anesthesia. In most cases, it can even replace the burr (roulette). This technique is appreciated by the youngest children as well as by teenagers, because it does not make any noise or vibration.

Air abrasion works by propelling powder particles in an air stream at a speed of 20 m/s. When impacting the tooth to be treated, these particles remove the material to be removed with high precision, while preserving the still healthy tooth substance.



The children's dentist often uses the laser to:

What are the benefits of laser for children?

In many cases, the laser replaces the roulette wheel This eliminates the discomfort of the vibrations, the shrill noise and the pressure caused by the dentist. With the laser, there is no direct physical contact with the tooth. The energy of the laser light alone is sufficient to treat tooth sensitivity and shallow cavities.

We perform a laser accuracy avoids damage to the surrounding tissue and allows a total, minimal, highly targeted treatment, as well as a sterilization cavities and tissues.

It is also ideal for soft tissue treatments. Thanks to its biostimulation (regeneration of the gum and bone), the laser allows a healing much more rapid tissue growth than traditional methods. Dr. Agachi often bio-stimulates the socket after a tooth extraction to decontaminate and accelerate healing.

It is therefore recommended to use the laser to perform, for example, labial and lingual brake surgery, gingivectomies, mucosal clearance of erupted teeth - but also to relieve inflamed gums and mouth ulcers!

In addition, anesthesia can often be avoided, which is a huge benefit for children.


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