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To ensure the sterility of our instruments, we follow a strict sterilization chain:

  1. PRE-DISINFECTION: instruments are soaked in disinfectant solution as detailed by CE/NF standards.
  2. Putting the instruments in our thermodisinfector. It is a large washing machine that rises to over 93°C, and uses very powerful disinfecting agents. It ensures the CLEANING, RINSING and DRYING of the instruments during a cycle which lasts approximately one hour.
  3. WRAPPING: our instruments are wrapped in a single-use, sealed package.
  4. Placement of the bags in our autoclave. It is a steam oven whose temperature rises to 135°C under 2 bars of pressure, which allows to obtain a STERILIZATION of the instruments. Throughout this one-hour cycle, a computer integrated into the autoclave controls the progress of operations. When the cycle is completed, and has been carried out in accordance with the standards in force, the computer authorizes the printing of traceability labels. At the same time, all the cycle parameters are stored on a memory card (temperature rise, pressure rise, duration, etc.).
  5. The TRACEABILITY labels are then stuck on each bag. On these labels, all the information concerning the cycle carried out appears (date and N° of the cycle, identification of the autoclave, name of the person who controlled the operations, expiration date of the bag, etc...)
  6. The instruments are then used during care, and at the end of each procedure, the labels of all the bags used are scanned (there is a bar code) and entered into the patient file.

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