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Dental radiology

Low-dose digital dental radiology

Our dental X-ray machines have a reduced radiation emission and are therefore more suitable for children



Dr. Adriana Agachi's children's dental office is equipped with a digital dental X-ray machine to take so-called "retroalveolar" pictures, which show the tooth structure and thus reveal cavities. There is also a device that allows the taking of panoramic dental radiologyThis is an effective tool for visualizing teething and orthodontic problems. The latter is an effective tool to visualize teething and orthodontic problems.

Dental radiology, or digital imaging, is a modern dental examination technique that uses very low radiation (radiation rate reduced to over 70 %).

This powerful technology The radiology system allows instantaneous scanning of the X-rays, which facilitates the visualization and evaluation of the images on the computer screen. In addition, the use of digital processing increases the accuracy of the radiograph.

These digital images can be emailed, archived, stored or copied to CD or USB key for parents or pen pals.

In addition, it is a ecological process because no chemical solution is necessary! (elimination of the use of various toxic products: developer, fixer or cleaners)


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