What to do if your baby refuses to brush his teeth?

Baby refuses to brush his teeth

Anxiety, impatience, confusion... These are the feelings of parents when their little one refuses something important or beneficial for his health. This is particularly the case when the baby refuses to brush his teeth. No need to panic, we reveal you some easy to implement tricks to come to end of [...]

Tooth brushing for children

Tooth brushing for children

As your child grows, he or she is likely to learn new things, including how to clean their teeth. So it's time for you to know all about brushing your child's teeth, which can sometimes be a real obstacle course! Here's everything you need to know about the best practices to adopt. Find out more [...]

At what age should I start brushing my baby's teeth?

At what age should baby's teeth be brushed

Taking care of our babies' teeth is very important. Indeed, it is what will contribute to the prevention of cavities. As a result, our children will be protected against angina, cardiovascular diseases and rheumatic fever, which are known to be favored by oral bacteria. Find out in this article at what age you should [...]

How to brush baby's teeth?

How to brush baby's teeth

Many parents skip brushing their babies' teeth. Yet, the very early years are the ideal time to promote and ensure excellent dental health in the future. Starting to brush your baby's teeth as soon as the first tooth appears allows him to get used to it. For him, it will become a habit.