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Tooth brushing for children

Tooth brushing for children

As your child grows, he or she is likely to learn new things, including how to clean their teeth. So it's time for you to know all about brushing your child's teeth, which can sometimes be a real obstacle course!

Here's everything you need to know about good oral health practices. Find out how to educate your child about the importance of brushing and how to make brushing a daily pleasure for your child.    

Brushing your child's teeth: what do you need to know? 

At what age should I brush my child's teeth?

We can't say it enough, we have to start brushing your baby's teeth as soon as the first tooth appears. Use a toothpaste with a minimal amount of fluoride and clean gently to avoid any type of irritation.  

What type of toothpaste should I choose for my child depending on his age?

It is true that as soon as we arrive at the choice of toothpaste for children, we get lost. The recommended fluoride doses vary according to the age of the child: 

  • For a 2 year old child: 250 ppm to 600 ppm,
  • For a 3 year old child: 500 ppm to 1000 ppm,
  • From 6 years old: 1000 ppm to 1500 ppm. 

How to brush teeth for children? The different techniques according to age

From 1 to 6 years old: the boubou method

It is a method that simplifies the process of brushing the teeth and makes it both quick and effective. Depending on the age, the gestures to be practiced tend to vary although the method remains the same:

From 1 to 3 years

It is you as a parent who must Brush your child's teeth from an early age. It's best to do this in front of a mirror so he can observe how the brushing is done. Using a small brush with very soft bristles, take the time to brush each quarter of the mouth.

From 4 to 6 years old

At this age, you need to start empowering your child by encouraging him or her to do the act themselves. Teach your child to brush his or her entire dentition by placing the brush on each tooth. The toothbrush should be small so that the child can hold it well. At this age, it's best for the parent to finish brushing to make sure all the teeth have been brushed.   

Between 6 and 9 years: mixed dentition

At this point, brushing should be done with the bristles of the brush always on the tooth. More clearly, start with the molar and count 10 back and forth strokes. Then do the same for the tooth next to it and continue.

When you reach the front teeth, brush in a rotating manner from the gum to the tooth. Brush the visible part and then move to the inner tooth side.

Tooth brushing for 9 year olds

The BROS method is ideal for children aged 9 years or older, even if they do not yet have all their permanent teeth. 

In practice, the top and bottom should be brushed separately. The bristles of the brush are moved from pink to white in a rotating motion. The brush is then moved to form a 45° angle with the gum before going around all the teeth.

To summarize, the BROS method refers to the following terms respectively: 

  1. Brush,
  2. Roller (rotary motion),
  3. Oblique,
  4. Follow the route.   

Awareness and habit formation

Your attitudes play a major role in making your child aware of the importance of brushing. To get them used to taking care of their teeth, don't hesitate to perform your oral cleaning in front of them. Over time, this routine will become a reflex for him.

Another tip is to ask your child to check your brushing technique. Take their advice and ask them if your teeth are clean or if you need to re-brush them. 

You can also use a plaque developer to help your child realize how well they are brushing. This may prevent him from refuses to brush his teeth when he's older!

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