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Free dental visit at age 6

Free dental office visit for children 6 years old

Pediatric oral surgeon your baby's first dental appointment occurs early, around 2 years of age. This visit is essentially a visit to familiarize baby with the new environment. However, after a certain age, visits should be more regular.

This is why the French Health Insurance has set up a prevention plan for children's oral health: the M'T Dents program. This program allows children to benefit from appointments and dental care covered at 100 % by the Social Security.

Find out how these oral checkups work and how to benefit from them in this article.

What is the free dental visit at age 6?

Good dental hygiene habits are essential to prevent cavities and keep teeth healthy. Teeth that are treated early can avoid heavy and expensive treatments. Therefore, the Health Insurance has created the M'T dents prevention program.

This program is for children from the age of 3 and youth up to 24 years old. Appointments are offered every three years. These preventive visits to the dentist help develop good habits and maintain healthy teeth.

This examination is covered at 100 % by the Health Insurance without any advance payment from the insured.

The oral health check-up at age 6

The free oral health check-up at age 6 takes place as follows a standard visit to a child's dentist. During this appointment, the dentist checks the health of the teeth and gums. He or she will give advice on how to develop good oral habits. If the teeth need care, the dentist will suggest other appointments to treat the dental problems.

If following this preventive visit, the child needs to undergo additional care such as scaling or treatment of a cavity, this is free of charge. The care carried out in the nine months following the oral examination is covered at 100 % by the Health Insurance.

However, if the child needs other treatments such as braces, these are not fully covered by Medicare. These treatments are covered at the regular rate.

How to benefit from the mandatory dental visit at age 6?

The free visit to the dentist at age 6 is part of the M'T dents prevention program. One month before the child's birthday, an M'T dents form is sent directly to the parents' Ameli account or by mail.

Then, you should make an appointment directly with the dentist. In order not to pay for this visit, you must present to the dentist :

  • The child's Vitale card,
  • The M'T teeth form received.

If the form is lost, it can be printed directly from the Ameli account. This form is valid for one year from the child's birthday. It is therefore important to make an appointment with the dentist as soon as possible, to take advantage of this free visit which helps to maintain good oral health.

Free preventive consultations help children keep their teeth healthy.

Dental prevention, from childhood, is an effective way to avoid more extensive orthodontic treatment in adolescence. This is why it is important not to miss the recommended age for the first visit to the dentist of your child.

Frequently asked questions about free dental visits for 6-year-olds

Does my child need to visit if he or she does not have a dental problem?

Yes, the purpose of this visit is to establish an oral assessment and plays an important role in dental prevention.

Where can I find the M'T dents form?

You will receive the form by mail or in your Ameli account 1 month before your child's birthday.

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