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Everything you need to know about visiting a child's dentist

Little girl visiting the children's dentist

As for adults, the best way for a child to have beautiful teeth is to go to the dentist. The baby's first dental appointment is not always an easy event to prepare.

We explain everything about visiting the dentist for a child, the different ways to reassure them and the number of visits recommended.

Why are dental visits important for your child?

Visits to the dentist for a child are important to detect problems related to food hygiene, to remind the rules of good oral health or to give valuable advice to parents.

Thus, visits to the dentist are in line with the first appointment a child had as a baby: they are the basis for good dental hygiene and a dentition synonymous with vitality.

Duration of a child's dental appointment and care

It is important to note that in the vast majority of cases, no treatment is required for a young child. In fact, the main purpose of a dental visit is to perform screening procedures.

In addition, children's dental appointments have another purpose: to establish prevention. Therefore, it is important to understand that visits are often quick, never lasting more than 15 minutes.

At the pedodontist, everything is done to make the child feel comfortable. For example, if the child is afraid to lie down and refuses to be examined by the dentist, he or she can simply sit on the edge of the chair and the dentist will use the mirror to look into his or her mouth. Alternatively, even more reassuring for the child, he or she can lie on top of mom or dad while one or the other is sitting in the chair.

How many visits to the dentist for your child?

L'Recommended age for your child's first dental visit is 2 years. Thereafter, throughout the child's development, one to two visits per year are sufficient.

How to prepare your child for dental visits?

Parents must be careful with their words, such as "Don't worry, the dentist won't do anything to you". Indeed, this sentence could quickly become contradictory and the child could feel betrayed if the dentist has to perform a treatment.

Otherwise, it is essentially dialogue that helps reassure the child before the visit to the dentist. Explaining the importance of the dentist to your child is crucial. The following arguments can be used to build confidence: "The dentist is a friend of your teeth. Thanks to him, you will always have a beautiful smile, strong teeth and you will be able to eat without ever being in pain.

Some tips to reassure your child during the consultation

  • Let your child take his blanket with him,
  • Sit next to him and hold his hand,
  • Have your mouth examined before it is the child's turn.

Cost of a dental visit for children and reimbursement

The conventional social security rates as of January 1, 2021 are as follows:

  • Simple preventive oral examination: 30 €,
  • Examination with radiography: 42 €,
  • Treatment of a cavity on one side: 27.60 €,
  • Extraction of a baby tooth: 25 €.

Also note that the M'T Dents program offers a free dental visit for 6 year olds.

Remember that the reimbursement of dental care for children is covered at 70 %, excluding mutual insurance. Moreover, the benefits of a consultation are numerous and can allow you and your child to look forward to the future in a serene manner.

Frequently asked questions about visiting the dentist for children

At what age should my child see a dentist?

Ideally, your child should have his or her first visit at around 2 years of age to get used to this type of care.

Are dental visits free for my child?

Reimbursements for dental care are covered at 70% by the Social Security. If you have a health insurance, it can supplement the part not covered.

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