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White tongue and bad breath in babies


You are worried about the white tongue and the your baby's bad breath ? Start by making sure it's not just a milk deposit. To do this, clean your baby's mouth, tongue and teeth if he or she already has them.

In the event that symptoms persist, consult a pediatrician promptly to identify the cause and treat your baby or refer you to a specialist.

White tongue and bad breath in babies: the cause

A white tongue in a baby or child can be a sign of poor digestion. But if this symptom is complemented by the presence of bad breath, your baby may be suffering from thrush.

How to recognize thrush?

If your baby has thrush, you'll notice white patches on his or her tongue, the inside of his or her days or elsewhere in the mouth.

These patches are larger or smaller and look a bit like curdled milk and cannot be removed by running a finger over them. Sometimes, thrush can cause pain to the baby, especially when feeding or sucking.

What is lily of the valley?

Thrush is the result of candidiasis. Naturally present in the digestive system, this micro fungus can spread when confronted with an imbalance in the intestinal flora.

Antibiotics or illness can trigger thrush and cause a white tongue or bad breath in the baby.

White tongue and bad breath: the treatment

After a consultation with a pediatrician, the practitioner will likely prescribe an oral antifungal medication to clear up the thrush.

A few extra precautions on your part may be necessary for proper treatment or prevention of thrush. For example, for more effective treatment, remember to wash your hands thoroughly after each use of the antifungal.

As a preventative measure, also remember to clean your hands and your baby's hands regularly.

Disinfection of objects that the baby will put in his mouth is also recommended: pacifiers, toys, rattles, etc.

For two weeks after treatment, the symptoms of white tongue and bad breath in the baby tend to disappear gradually.

If this is not the case, return to your pediatrician quickly to identify the source of the problem.

White tongue symptoms and bad breath in children are not uncommon. They may be related to thrush or other infections or oral problems. When in doubt, talk to your doctor.

Are you looking for a dentist specializing in children? Dr. Agachi, pedodontist in Paris, and his team welcome you in a modern, warm and caring environment. For a first visit or for an oral follow-up, do not hesitate to call us.

If you have noticed symptoms such as bad breath or a white tongue in your baby, tell us about it when you call. We will schedule an appointment for an examination as soon as possible and, if necessary, advise you on what to do while waiting for your visit.

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