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What is the price of a child dentist?

How much does a visit to a child's dentist cost?

Maintaining good oral health is essential, starting at a young age. Part of good dental hygiene for children is regular visits to a pedodontist, a dentist specializing in the dental care of infants, children and adolescents. Information, preparation for first appointments, price of a child dentistIn this section, we give you the keys to a smooth dental visit with your child.

What is pedodontics?

A pedodontist is a dentist who deals exclusively with the dental care of children. Pedodontics is a specialty of the dental field. It is a discipline that requires three years of additional study in addition to traditional dentistry. 

However, considering the specialization of the dentist for children, the price of a dentist for children is not at all excessive compared to the prices for adults. 

Children's dentists are trained in the physiology and psychology of children. He is therefore able to talk to them and reassure them. He is also the dentist to turn to for dental care for an autistic child.

How much does a visit to a child's dentist cost?

The conventional price for a visit to a child's dentist is 23 €. This amount is reimbursed by the Health Insurance (up to 70 %). To this must be added the cost of any care provided to the child.

As an example, the treatment of a cavity on the permanent tooth of a child under 13 years old costs about 33,50 €.

Any dental care provided to the child is added to the final bill. Thus, on average, the conventional rate for a scaling of the permanent teeth of a child under 13 years old is 28.92 €.

Please note that thanks to its M'T Dents program, the Health Insurance allows children and adolescents to benefit from a free appointment per age group (respectively 6, 9, 12, 15 and 18 years old).

At what age do I have my first dental visit?

The first dental visit can involve your baby and his first teeth. However, it is generally accepted that if there are no dental problems, the first visit should be made between the ages of 3 and 4.

This consultation is a first contact that allows the child to apprehend a world that is foreign to him: that of the dental office. The objective of the visit is to reassure the child, to give him confidence for future visits.

In addition, the first dental visit allows the pedodontist to screen for early decay and to verify oral hygiene measures taken at home.

Please note that the first consultation with the dentist for children is free of charge for children aged 3. In fact, this consultation is fully reimbursed by the Assurance Maladie.

What are the main dental treatments for children?

As a rule, during the child's first visits to the dentist, the practitioner will establish a series of diagnoses aimed at avoiding any future dental treatment. Only in the case of abnormalities in oral development will treatment be considered.

Periodic x-rays are used to detect any orthodontic problems in the child, as well as those related to dentofacial orthopedics.

Some of the treatments that a child's dentist may perform include: extraction of a damaged baby tooth, placement of a space maintainer, and sealing of pits and fissures.

Frequently asked questions about the price of a child's dentist

How much does a consultation with a pedodontist cost?

The price of a consultation with a registered pedodontist is 23 euros, reimbursed at 70% by the Social Security.

Why see a children's dentist?

A pedodontist is trained in pedagogy and child psychology. He or she will be better able to reassure your child and provide age-appropriate dental care.

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