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Which toothbrush to choose for baby?

Find out which toothbrush to use for baby

Good oral hygiene habits start at a young age. One way to care for your baby's teeth is to brush them. To do this, you need to know which baby toothbrush Use according to age and needs.

Find out what criteria to consider and our best tips in the following lines.

Which toothbrush for baby? Criteria to remember

To determine which toothbrush to choose for your baby, you can rely on several criteria detailed below.


The safety of a baby toothbrush is demonstrated by several elements. The goal is to allow the child to brush safely, to protect the gums and to avoid injury.

So the toothbrush you choose for your baby should have soft, flexible bristles to preserve tooth enamel. In addition, some toothbrushes have a safety ring that allows your baby to brush on his own without the risk of getting hurt.

The ergonomics

The ergonomics of the baby toothbrush is another major parameter. It is important that the material is easy to hold and is adapted to the mouth of the toddlers.

So, look for lightweight baby toothbrushes with non-slip handles and small round heads.

The technology

When they are very young, children can have difficulty assimilating the gesture of brushing their teeth (the famous rolling movement that some adults do not always master themselves). Technology can be a great help!

Some electric toothbrushes for babies and children allow an efficient cleaning. They can also be equipped with a timer, LED light and pulse system.

Why choose an age-appropriate toothbrush?

It's unthinkable to brush your baby's teeth with your toothbrush or toothpaste, especially if his teeth are not yet out. It is indeed advisable to choose a toothbrush adapted to your child.

Of course, as early as 3 months of age, even before the first teeth appear, parents can use a gum stimulator to soothe baby and introduce him to brushing (roughly called "baby finger toothbrushes"). But they will have to wait for the arrival of the first teeth of the child before using a toothbrush adapted to his needs.

Once baby's first teeth are visible, it is possible to use a specific toothbrush, either rubber or with soft bristles (so as not to damage the gums).

At 18 months, parents can start using a child's toothpaste with the required fluoride dosage. At this age, children can also switch to a different toothbrush model, although this one is still quite focused.

What is the average price of a baby toothbrush?

Count between 10 € and 50 € to offer a toothbrush to your baby. Indeed, the most sophisticated models (electric, with integrated music player, etc.) are much more expensive than the classic models (i.e. manual toothbrushes).

To sum up, whatever toothbrush you choose for your baby, just make sure it's appropriate for his age and teeth. Also, keep in mind that children generally cannot brush their teeth without the help of an adult until they are 7 years old.

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