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Why pull a baby tooth at the dentist?

What are the reasons to pull a baby tooth at the dentist?

Children's baby teeth are temporary, but there are times when the dentist may recommend pulling a baby tooth.

Extraction of a baby tooth is carried out according to a strict protocol so that the child is serene and relaxed.

Reasons to pull a baby tooth at the dentist

Children's milk teeth are temporary teeth, they give way naturally to permanent teeth from the age of 6.

A decay is not necessarily a sign that the baby tooth should be removed affected. However, in some cases, we can pull a baby tooth at the dentist is recommended:

  • If the tooth is moving a lot and is bothering the child during meals,
  • If the baby tooth has a carious lesion that is too large to be treated,
  • If the baby tooth is broken and the permanent tooth is growing in,
  • If the tooth is too damaged and reconstruction is not an option,
  • If the baby tooth prevents the growth of the permanent tooth.

Sometimes the dentist may recommend theextraction of a baby tooth if it is affected by an abscess.

How is a baby tooth extracted at the dentist?

In order for the extraction of a baby tooth to take place in the best conditions, the pedodontist will follow several steps:

  • The child will be placed under medical hypnosis or inhale MEOPA gas to be less stressed and more serene. He will remain awake during the extraction while being calm,
  • Then, the dentist will perform a contact anesthetic on the tooth so that the child does not feel any pain,
  • The pedodontist then proceeds to extract the tooth. If it is a simple extraction, the dentist will simply move the tooth with forceps and then extract the tooth with a forceps. If the tooth is well anchored, the dentist will have to cut the attachments of the tooth and then use an elevator to get it out and extract it more easily,
  • Once the extraction is complete, the dentist uses the laser to help the wound heal,
  • Finally, the child leaves with his or her baby tooth in a colored box.

The advantage of this procedure is that the anesthesia does not affect the mucous membranes of the mouth. The patient's tongue, lips and cheeks are not put to sleep, which does not disturb the child. The child can go back to his or her normal routine without any risk of injury.

As for post-extraction care, the dentist recommends not brushing the affected area for the first few days and avoiding eating hard foods. The pain disappears quickly.

How do you prepare your child to have a baby tooth pulled?

In order to prepare your child for a dental extraction, it is important to talk to your child in a positive way, and to explain how the procedure will be carried out. Parents should try not to pass on their own fear of the dentist, if they have one, to their child. Also, be careful not to use negative words or words that might scare your child. Indeed, he or she should feel relaxed about the upcoming procedure.

You can also offer him a small reward to congratulate him for his courage.

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