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5 tips to relieve baby's teeth

Teething ring to relieve baby's teeth

For parents, relieve baby's teeth during their push is imperative as their cries of distress can be difficult to bear. Fortunately, to relieve your baby's teethingThere are several approved techniques.

In the following lines, we reveal the best of them.

The best tips for relieving baby's teeth

It is important to know how to detect the symptoms of teething to be able to soothe it. Be aware that as a general rule, baby's teething process follows a particular order.

In most cases, a few simple steps can help relieve baby's teeth as they erupt. Parents can use natural methods that have been proven to be effective, as well as homeopathic remedies, often packaged in 1-milliliter pods.

Remember that self-medication is not recommended. Parents should only use medication after consulting a pedodontist.

1. The refrigerated teething ring

A classic solution, the refrigerated teething ring is placed in the freezer or refrigerator. Once out, this ring relieves baby's teeth that are coming out. Indeed, the cold applied directly on the gum has an analgesic effect. Prefer the rings in silicone, without bisphenol.

Parents can also make popsicles (with breast milk for example, or fruit puree). The anesthetic effect on the gums is the same as with the teething ring, but with the added taste. However, beware of excess sugar, which can cause bottle decay.

2. A pacifier or toothbrush to chew on

Continuous chewing on a soft object can help ease the pain of teething. Be sure to watch for this at Dental collars known to soothe baby when his teeth come out. In addition to the usual pacifier, there are rubber toothbrushes that the parent can put on one of his fingers.

Otherwise, a soft plastic comforter is fine, as long as one parent stays with the child.

3. A gum massage with a gel adapted to baby's teeth

Parents can relieve baby's teeth by gently running their finger against the child's sore gums. Of course, parents should wash their hands before doing this. A targeted massage with gentle pressure will soothe the child.

The massage can also be done with a soothing oil of the "first teeth" type. This type of oil is sometimes marketed under the name of gingival balm and its anesthetic and antiseptic properties have been demonstrated.

4. A little cool water to relieve baby's teething

Cold helps to soothe teething pain. A particularly simple solution to relieve teething problems is to offer your baby cool water in a glass of water or a bottle. However, make sure the water is not ice cold.

5. Homeopathy

Finally, homeopathy is effective for babies with toothache. Homeopathy is presented in the form of granules to be taken in limited quantities, while respecting a certain spacing in duration.

Chamomilla Vulgaris (based on chamomile extract), Mercurius Solubilis (a mixture of mercury and mercurous nitrate) and Phytolacca Decandra (phytolactic) are among the most commonly used products to relieve the pain associated with teething. Such products are prescribed by dentists as well as by general practitioners.

In conclusion, there are many solutions to alleviate the pain of teething, most of which are very accessible and inexpensive. Some teething problems can be more painful and present complications. These cases require a consultation with a pedodontist. It can be a permanent tooth growing behind a baby toothof a tooth that grows in the palate or even of your child's first tooth coming out crooked.

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